To Our Valued Customers – Metropolitan Bath & Tile

Traditionally our scheduled lead-time for a typical bath remodel has always been 90 days or less. We pride ourselves on the outstanding partnership we have developed with our vendors over the past 40+ years. We only use established dependable suppliers that can deliver to us our orders on time, every time. That is the way it has always been, until recently.

Due to the pandemic, the manufacturers that supply our vendors have experienced unprecedented labor shortages as well as raw material shortages, which have effected their ability to deliver their products to our vendors, which in turn has rendered the supply of certain materials less reliable than normal. The vast majority of materials that we offer are available and are in the supply pipeline. However, everything is taking longer to get. Container ships are anchored off our ports by the thousands waiting to be unloaded. For cargo that does get unloaded, there is a shortage of truck drivers to get the cargo to its destination. This situation effects all industries. These issues coupled with unusually high demand in the construction industry in general and the home remodeling industry in particular are the primary reason for our extended start dates. Do not be fooled by a contractor that says he can start quickly; All contractors are experiencing the same supply challenges.

Having the manpower to start a project is not an issue for us, we are blessed to have developed an exceptional “in house” work force.

At Metropolitan we are always honest with our customers, we strive to under promise and over deliver! We believe that what is best for our customers is to schedule the projects out far enough to be sure that all materials are in hand and in perfect condition before starting a project. If materials arrive earlier than expected, we will call and offer to start earlier. We believe that a call offering to start a job earlier than scheduled is much better than to call and postpone a project due to lack of materials because of an unrealistically quick start date.

In a nutshell contractors have never been so busy and suppliers have never been less reliable. We are scheduling out about twice as far as we did prior to the pandemic so we can be sure your materials are in hand prior to starting your project. We are sure that this situation will improve over time, but for now, this is the world we live in and we ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate it together.

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