Steel Bath vs Acrylic Bath — Hugo Oliver Bathroom Showroom, Charlton

Acrylic Baths

Generally, acrylic bath tubs are more popular, and have progressed dramatically in terms of quality and durability, they certainly give steel baths a run for their money! The main attraction of acrylic is that it is warm and inviting to the touch, there are many more shapes and sizes available, and acrylic baths tend to be more affordable than the less run of the mill steel baths.

Acrylic baths are often mistakenly judged on the thickness of the acrylic, but whether this is 2mm, 5mm, 8mm etc, it is only a measure of the surface layer. What is important is what is underneath. All of our acrylic baths are 5mm acrylic throughout, reinforced by seven layers of resin bonded fibreglass, giving them the reinforcement required to withstand the rigor of daily use. Read our list below of pros and cons of acrylic bathtubs.

Advantage of Acrylic Baths

  • Highly durable due to reinforcement

  • Warm and inviting to the touch more comfortable

  • Lightweight and easy to transport and install

  • More resistant to damage unlikely to chip like steel

  • Scratches can often be easily polished out

  • UV stabilised preventing discoloration

  • Most come without predrilled tap holes allowing you to choose where to put them

  • Surface is non porous so doesn’t harbour germs and bacteria


Disadvantages of Acrylic Baths

  • If surface layer is rubbed off due to highly abrasive cleaning then bath surface can stain

  • Less rigid than steel

  • Less conductive and therefore losses heat quicker than steel

  • More prone to surface scratches

  • Not as brilliant a white finish as steel


Hopefully by reading our bath guide you’ll feel a little less daunted by the process of purchasing a beautiful new bath tub. To summarise steel baths are wonderful if you’re looking for a tub that will last generations and allow long hot baths where as acrylic baths are more affordable and slightly more flexible with regards to design options. Make sure to read our points carefully and talk to one of our design experts for more help.

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